Medical weight loss in Baldwin County, AL

Weight Loss Medication near Gulf Shores, AL

Dr. Judy Corbett of Baldwin GYN & Aesthetics offers a personalized medical weight loss program near Gulf Shores, Alabama, catering to individuals residing in the South Baldwin area.  If you’re seeking professional assistance in achieving your weight loss goals, Dr. Corbett can help!  She creates custom plans designed specifically for each patient, providing comprehensive guidance throughout their weight loss journey.  Her medical weight loss programs utilize multiple approaches—including innovative, modern weight loss medication, where indicated—to achieve healthy and effective results.

If you’re struggling to reach your desired weight, Baldwin GYN & Aesthetics is available to offer the medically-informed assistance you need.  Give us a call today to set up a consultation appointment with Dr. Corbett!

Physician-Guided Weight Loss in South Baldwin County

If dieting and exercise alone have failed to deliver the healthy weight decrease you seek, physician-supervised medical weight loss might offer a solution.  Unlike standard workout and diet plans, medical weight loss takes a more thorough, research-oriented approach.  Dr. Corbett designs customized weight loss plans based on an individual patient’s specific situation.  Every person has a unique set of circumstances that can affect weight loss; taking all these factors into account helps her prescribe the best, most effective plan for each patient.  

Dr. Judy Corbett

Medical weight loss plans consist of several components, such as nutritional counseling, behavior therapy, and weight loss medication treatments or injections, if appropriate.  Dr. Corbett’s approach aims to address the underlying issues behind unwanted weight gain while also helping you create healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

Our customized weight loss plans include all this—and more:

Medical Weight Loss Plans in the Gulf Shores Area

Once you schedule an appointment and complete your first consultation with Dr. Corbett, she will develop a customized plan tailored to address your individual needs and help you meet your target weight.  Our weight loss program offers two distinct options—a diet modification plan and a diet plus medication plan—for those who desire professional medical guidance and support along their weight loss journey.  

Diet Modification Only

One of the weight management plans that Baldwin GYN & Aesthetics provides focuses primarily on doctor-supervised diet modifications.  This type of plan is for those who wish to lose weight without using medication or food replacements.  It does, however, sometimes include lipotropic injections that aid in curbing appetite and facilitating fat breakdown.

Diet Plus Medication Program

This program for medical weight loss incorporates personalized visits with Dr. Corbett and meticulously tracks your body composition data to measure your progress.  It also includes a high-nutrition and controlled-calorie meal strategy aimed at supporting weight loss progress.  Dr. Corbett will review your current medications, as these can sometimes have a detrimental impact on weight loss.  The program may include appetite suppressants if they are medically appropriate for the situation, as well as weekly Semaglutide injections and/or obesity medications like Qysemia or Contrave.

Weight Loss Doctor near Gulf Shores, Alabama

Achieving healthy weight loss and maintaining it can be a daunting task, especially when you’re attempting to do it alone.  Fortunately, Baldwin GYN & Aesthetics, led by Dr. Corbett, offers medically-sound weight loss plans that are personalized to your specific needs.  Our customized programs and continuous support during your weight loss journey bring success within your grasp.  

Feel free to reach out and ask questions about our proven medical weight loss solutions by calling 251-424-1100 or visiting us online.  Our facility is conveniently located in Foley, AL, just a short drive from Gulf Shores and the Alabama beaches.  (We also offer a broad range of other aesthetic services and treatments to cater to our patients’ needs!)  

We believe you deserve to achieve your weight loss goals, and we look forward to helping you get there.