Non-Surgical Hair Recovery

Hair Loss is complicated but the solution does not have to be overwhelming. Almost all men & women experience hair loss or hair thinning. The truth is – hair loss is caused by multiple factors and most treatments don’t tackle the problem completely or sustainably. While drugs have side-effects, invasive procedures are cumbersome and expensive and may not be for everyone. That is where our Non-Sergical Hair Recovery comes in.

HairSmart - Repair

Our Repair line is a powerful & comprehensive hair food complex in both a natural vitaman form and a moisturizing oil form. These repair products can revitalize thin hair, strengthen roots, promote growth, deeply moisturize the scalp prevents premature graying, hair fall, split ends, and more.

HairSmart - Protect

These uniquly formulated hair and scalp nourishing formulas provide essential nutrients for improving its health. Also assists in maintaining PH Balance and will strengthen & thicken your hair.

HairSmart - Grow

An intensive serum that rejuvenates hair and strengthens roots. It contains keratin, amino acids and therapeutic natural extracts, such as ginger and indian lilac, which energizes hair follicles, and promotes hair growth.

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GrowthX - Laser Frequency Hat

Promotes Hair Growth & Prevents Hair Loss.

This walk in, walk out treatment is a top of the line treatment that will stimulate your hair folicles by utilizing the increased energy the laser gives off and effectively fights against the miniturazation of your root!  This allows for your hair folicles to grow back thicker, fuller, & healthier.