Hormone Replacement/Pellet Therapy

What is a Hormone Pellet?

Testosterone pellets are compounded bio-identical hormones that are inserted in the fat layer under the skin of the hip and release these hormones slowly over time, maintaining constant and reliable blood levels. The hormone levels gradually rise, peak at 3-4 weeks, and then gradually fall over the following few months.

Testosterone pellets are now available for men. Decreases in male testosterone levels occurs with aging and men often benefit from supplementation. Low testosterone levels may result in changes in energy, sleep, sexual performance, as well as mood and general well-being. Prior to pellet insertion it is important to check certain labs and it is recommended that you discuss hormone supplementation with your primary health provider.

Insertion is easy, quick, and relatively painless. A small area on the hip is sterilized and local anesthetic is injected just under the skin. A tiny nick is made in the skin and, using a trochar, the hormone pellets, which are the size of rice grains, are inserted under the skin. The tiny incision is closed with adhesive strips and covered with a band-aid. Frequency of Hormone Pellet placement typically ranges from every 3-4 months.

Insurance does not cover insertion or the Pellet medication. Payment in full is required at the time of insertion.