Medical weight loss in Baldwin County, AL

Medical Weight Loss

How The Program Works

Dr. Corbett will create a comprehensive personalized weight loss program tailored just for you. This includes body composition analysis, doctor-supervised food plans, metabolism regulation, appetite management, lifestyle and motivational coaching, science-based activity recommendations and much more. 

Our Plans

After your initial consultation, Dr. Corbett may prescribe one of the following plans and personalize it to your specific needs and preferences: 

Diet Modification Only

The Diet Modification Only is set up for people seeking to begin their beautiful weight-loss journey without medications or food replacements but may include lipotropic injections to help with appetite control and fat breakdown.   

Initial Visit – $75  

Follow Up Visits Bi-weekly – $60  

B-lipo Injections – every 1-2 weeks   $30 

Mega- lipo – every 1-2 weeks   $40 (note injection contains Lidocaine and should be avoided if any allergy to Lidocaine or related product) 

*Pricing subject to change.* 

Diet Plus Medication Program

The Diet Plus Medication Program includes one-on-one visits with your Doctor, Body Composition Data to monitor your weight loss progress, and a high-nutrition calorie-controlled food plan with review of medications to aid in weight loss.  These medications generally include appetite suppressants (when medically appropriate), generic Ozempic injections weekly, or Obesity medications such as Contrave, Qysemia, or others.  

Initial Visit $75  

Follow Up Visits (bi=-weekly) – $60  

B-lipo Injection $30  or Mega-lipo injection  $40  every 1-2 weeks 

Generic Ozempic (Semaglutide) injections – starting dose $40/ week 

*Pricing subject to change.* 


What is Semaglutide?

Semaglutide – The Anti Diabetic Medication for Type 2 Diabeties & Anti Obesity Medication 

Semaglutide for weight loss has exploded in popularity since a landmark weight-loss trial in March of 2021. Compounded semaglutide offers the same medication as big name brands at a fraction of the cost with multiple advantages for the patient. This treatment is an antidiabetic medication used for the treatment of type 2 diabetes and as anti-obesity medication for long-term weight management. 

Compounding pharmacies make medications from scratch, so they can tailor the dosage to the individual patient. These pharmacies are safe and regulated by the state Board of Pharmacy, and have frequent inspections for sterile processing and just like prescription the semaglutide, compounded semaglutide dosage can also be tailored to the patient. The recommended dose is 0.25mg/week, but some patients may do better on lower or higher doses depending on their individual response and tolerability.  Dosage can be increased week 4 to 0.5mg/week and week 8 to 1mg/week based on tolerability and recommendation of your healthcare provider. 

Common side effects of this class of medication includes nausea which is usually dose related, heartburn/indigestion, decreased appetite, abdominal bloating or pain.  Severe symptoms of pain, vomiting, dehydration, or chest discomfort should prompt discontinuation of the medication and follow-up with the healthcare provider. 

Keep in mind, insurance companies have strict guidelines on who is eligible and can require BMI, and more frequently requires a diagnosis of Diabetes. Not everyone with metabolic resistance and obesity are diabetics.  If insurance does not cover Ozempic then weekly injection in office is the best option.  

The most common contraindications are: 

  • Thyroid Cancer 
  • Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Syndrome Type II 
  • Pancreatitis 
  • Allergy to GLP-1 Medications 

If the patient has any of these contraindications, Semaglutide should not be started.

What is Body Composition Data?

BCA or body composition analysis is a measurement of one’s Body Mass Index ( BMI), body fat percentage, muscle mass percentage, and water percentage to better monitor weight reduction as well as ensure muscle sparing while dieting.  Muscle loss lowers overall metabolic rate and reduces overall core strength and well-being.