Now Introducing EmFace

It’s the world’s first device to provide less wrinkles and more lift in just a matter of weeks, all without needles! Simultaneously lift, tighten, and tone your face with this non-invasive and needle-free procedure. With this revolutionary two-in-one device, EmFace will improve your skin’s collagen, boost elasticity, and will tone facial muscles to give you a lifted appearance. “By combining the muscle stimulation with radio frequency EmFace targets the deeper layers of tissue, treating the skin from the inside out,” says Dr. Levigne.

What is EmFace like?

Unlike previous methods, EmFace targets both skin and muscle simultaneously in 4 simple 20 minute treatments! Once completing the non-invasive series, this treatment will completely transform your face’s skin texture and muscle tone with the use of radio frequency combined with HIFES muscle stimulation. Sagging skin will be lifted and face shape restored to its proper position. “After finishing the full course,” says Paul Jarrod Frank, M.D., cosmetic dermatologist, patients can see, “long term results with overall improvement of the structure of the face and skin quality.”

It's The Best Kept Walk-In Walk-Out Secret

Anyone looking For Structural Improvements to the Face Can Benefit.

The EmFace device targets different stages in the aging process and is versatile enough to lift brows, increase cheek contour, define the jawline, and increase skin texture and wrinkles. Dr. Frank says that this is a great option for, “older patients looking for the most natural and proactive approach to reversing the signs of aging.” It is also a great alternative for those looking to avoid that “frozen” face that Botox can give you.


EmFace Submentum now permanently destroys under chin fat and provides lift and tightening of the jawline and upper neck. 

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Real people. Real Results!

No needles. No toxins. No Scars. No trace. Just a younger face!

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