Medical weight loss in Baldwin County, AL

Semaglutide Weight-Loss Shots in Fairhope, AL

Let Dr. Judy Corbett at Baldwin GYN & Aesthetics help you reach your weight-loss goals!  

Have you been struggling to reach and maintain a healthy weight?  Many people find it challenging to lose weight on their own—or they may find it impossible to keep the weight off, once they’ve reached their goal.  If you’re having trouble in your weigh-loss journey, professional medical guidance can mean the difference between success and frustration.  

Dr. Judy Corbett offers support to people in Fairhope, Alabama, and other areas of Baldwin County, AL.  If you’re looking for customized assistance in losing weight, Dr. Corbett can help.  She’ll work with you to build a custom medical weight loss program designed specifically for you, your goals, and your unique circumstances.  Her weight loss plans are created for individuals, because each person’s situation is different.  Your customized medical weight loss program can tackle the problem from multiple angles.  Depending on your needs and wishes, Dr. Corbett may suggest revolutionary new medications like Semaglutide weight-loss shots.  

If you’re interested in considering Semaglutide to support your efforts to achieve healthy weight loss, please call to set up a consultation with Dr. Corbett.  The team at Baldwin GYN & Aesthetics is here to provide you with the help you need, every step of the way!

Dr. Judy Corbett

Doctor-Prescribed Semaglutide Injections in Fairhope, AL

For those struggling to achieve their desired weight despite your best efforts with diets and exercise, weight-loss medications such as Semaglutide can be a game-changer.  You’ve probably heard about this amazing new weight-control drug.  Maybe you’ve even happened across this page in your search for Semaglutide shots in Fairhope, Alabama.  Dr. Corbett does prescribe Semaglutide injections for weight loss to some of her patients—but that’s only one of her tools to help people attain a healthy weight.  She provides people on the Eastern Shore with complete plans of doctor-supervised weight reduction, because obesity is a complicated issue that responds best to a multi-pronged approach.  

Unlike typical self-led diets, physician-guided medical weight-loss programs offer a detailed, research-based approach.  Dr. Corbett creates customized weight loss plans based on each patient’s unique circumstances.  There is no universal perfect answer for healthy weight-loss, as each of us has our own set of factors that can affect how we gain or lose weight.  Dr. Corbett takes all these things into consideration to build an effective plan for each individual patient.  

Baldwin GYN & Aesthetics provides patients in Fairhope with a tailored medical weight loss plan that includes guidance on nutrition, behavioral therapy, and appropriate prescription medications or injections, if appropriate.  Our aim is to address the underlying issues that can contribute to unhealthy weight gain, as well as support you in creating sustainable healthy habits that you can maintain long-term.  Our goal is not only to help you achieve your weight loss objectives but also to assist you in staying at a healthier weight for the rest of your life.  

Our custom-designed medical weight-loss programs include body composition analysis, science-based activity recommendations, doctor-supervised food plans, metabolism regulation, appetite management, and motivational lifestyle coaching.

Your Local Weight-Loss Doctor in the Fairhope Area

Following an initial consultation, Dr. Corbett develops a customized weight loss program for every new patient, basing her recommendations on the best science available today while also taking into consideration the patient’s unique circumstances and goals.  Your customized program is aimed at helping you attain your target weight by addressing your specific needs and challenges.  

Our medical weight loss programs can be broken down into two basic types:  One type is a diet modification plan, and the other is a diet modification plan supplemented with weight-loss medication.  Both plans offer professional medical guidance to support your weight loss journey.  If you are unsure about which plan is suitable for you, Dr. Corbett can offer her professional advice to help you make your decision.

Diet Modification Only Weight-Loss on the Eastern Shore

With the diet-modification-only plan, individuals seeking to lose weight follow a doctor-supervised plan that emphasizes diet modifications instead of medication or food replacements.  This approach sometimes integrates lipotropic injections as a means to curb appetite and enhance fat breakdown.  We recommend this weight management plan for those who want to achieve healthy and sustainable weight-loss exclusively through lifestyle changes, with professional guidance and support to back you up each step of the way.

Diet Plus Medication Program in Fairhope, AL

Our weight loss programs that combine diet and medication include frequent consultations with Dr. Corbett, who will closely monitor your body composition data and progress over time.  This type of program includes a meal plan that promotes low-calorie, highly nutritious foods to help you reach your weight-loss goals.  Dr. Corbett will also assess your current list of medications to make sure it is not impeding your progress, as certain prescription drugs can make weight-loss more difficult.  If necessary, appetite suppressants may be introduced into the program.  Depending on individual needs, weekly Semaglutide injections and anti-obesity medications like Contrave and Qysemia may also be included.

Semaglutide Weight Loss near the Baldwin County Eastern Shore

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the stress of trying to reach and maintain a healthy weight on your own, Baldwin GYN & Aesthetics is here to help with a personalized and medically-sound weight loss plan led by Dr. Corbett.  Our compassionate team provides continuous support so you can successfully become a healthier you.  Our programs are specifically designed to meet your individual needs, giving you the tools necessary to reach your goals.

Conveniently located just a short drive from Fairhope and the Eastern Shore, we offer proven medical weight loss solutions along with a variety of other aesthetic services and treatments to cater to your needs.  Let us help you become your best self—because you deserve to be healthier and happier!