Medical weight loss in Baldwin County, AL

Medical Weight Loss Near Fairhope, AL

Baldwin GYN & Aesthetics offers a medical weight loss program near Fairhope, Alabama.  If you live on the Baldwin County Eastern Shore and are looking for serious help in achieving your weight loss goals, Dr. Judy Corbett can help!  Dr. Corbett can create a custom weight loss program designed just for you.  The comprehensive medical weight loss program at Baldwin GYN & Aesthetics guides each patient through their weight loss journey, using multiple approaches for healthy, effective results.  

Physician-Monitored Weight Loss
on the Baldwin County Eastern Shore

If you’ve tried dieting and exercise on your own without success, physician-led medical weight loss may be the answer.  Medical weight loss takes a more scientific, multi-faceted approach than the typical diet or exercise regimen.  Dr. Corbett builds a personalized weight loss program tailored for each patient’s unique circumstances.  

Dr. Corbett’s customized weight loss plans include all of the following, and more:

Dr. Judy Corbett

Medical Weight Loss Plans in the Fairhope, AL, Area

After you request an appointment and have your initial consultation with Dr. Corbett, she will prescribe a plan personalized to meet your specific requirements and goals.  We offer two types of plans for guided weight loss— diet modification only and diet plus medication:

Diet Modification Only

The first type of weight management plan that Baldwin GYN & Aesthetics offers is based on diet modification only.  This plan is designed for people who prefer to lose weight without medications or food replacements.  Lipotropic injections may be included, however, to help control appetite and assist with the breakdown of fat.   

Diet Plus Medication Program

This medical weight loss plan includes the following:

  • One-on-one visits with Dr. Corbett
  • Body Composition Data
    • Monitors your progress as you lose weight
  • High-nutrition, calorie-controlled food plan
  • Review of medications designed to promote weight loss
    • Appetite suppressants (as deemed medically appropriate), weekly generic Ozempic (Semaglutide) injections, and/or obesity medications (such as Qysemia or Contrave)

Weight Loss Doctor Near Fairhope, Alabama

Losing weight healthily— and keeping it off— is often extremely challenging, especially when you’re trying to do it on your own.  Dr. Corbett and her team at Baldwin GYN & Aesthetics can help!  Our scientifically proven plans for medical weight loss are designed to assist you on every step of your weight loss journey.  With our personalized weight loss programs and consistent, caring support and motivation, you can succeed in reaching your goals.  You deserve success!  

Do you have questions about medical weight loss?  Give us a call at 251-424-1100 or contact us online to start the conversation today!  We’re conveniently located in Foley, AL, so our comprehensive range of services and treatments are only a short drive away from Fairhope and the Eastern Shore area!