Medical weight loss in Baldwin County, AL

Medical Weight Loss Near Daphne, AL

Baldwin GYN & Aesthetics offers a medical weight loss program near Daphne, Alabama.

Have you struggled to lose weight on your own?  Have diets and exercise proven ineffective?  For many people, lasting weight loss can be difficult to achieve, and losing weight in a healthy, sustainable way can begin to feel like an impossible dream.  

Don’t give up!  There’s hope, and you don’t have to do it on your own.  

If you’re tired of repeated unsuccessful attempts to meet your weight loss goals, Baldwin GYN & Aesthetics is here to give you the boost you need.  Dr. Judy Corbett is available to help you take a more scientific approach to weight loss.  She assesses each patient’s unique situation, creating specialized medical weight loss programs tailored for individuals seeking to reach and maintain a healthier weight.  

Dr. Corbett provides medical weight loss assistance in the Daphne area, offering substantial support in your journey to achieve your weight loss objectives.  If you’re interested in exploring the options available to you today, schedule an appointment!

Customized Medical Weight Loss Programs in the Daphne Area

Contrary to old-fashioned, self-managed diets, medical weight-loss programs overseen by physicians like Dr. Corbett utilize a multi-faceted, evidence-driven strategy based in science. Recognizing that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for achieving healthy weight loss, Dr. Corbett tailors weight loss plans to cater to the distinct conditions of each patient.

We all have our own set of factors that contribute to how we gain and lose weight, and these differences play a crucial role in weight management.  What works most effectively will vary from person to person.  Dr. Corbett carefully considers these variables to formulate a successful plan designed just for your unique and specific needs.  With a medical weight loss program, you have the advantage of a doctor’s expert advice and can approach the issue from multiple angles simultaneously, using medications where indicated.  

Dr. Judy Corbett

Explore Physician-Supervised Weight Loss Near Baldwin County's Eastern Shore

For those who have struggled with weight loss through traditional diet and exercise alone, our physician-supervised medical weight loss programs may offer a new avenue of hope. Dr. Corbett assists patients in the Eastern Shore area by employing a scientific and comprehensive approach to weight loss, developing a customized plan for each patient based on their unique situation.

Dr. Corbett’s personalized weight loss strategies encompass:

Medical Weight Loss Plans with Medication in Daphne, Alabama

Following an initial consultation with Dr. Corbett, including an evaluation of your specific needs and goals, she will prescribe a customized weight loss plan. Baldwin GYN & Aesthetics offers two main approaches to medical weight loss: diet modification alone, and a comprehensive diet plus medication regimen.

Diet Modification Plan

This plan focuses solely on dietary changes, ideal for those preferring to avoid medications or food substitutes. It may include lipotropic injections to aid in appetite control and fat breakdown.

Diet Plus Medication Program

This comprehensive plan includes the following:

Your Weight Loss Doctor Near Daphne, Alabama

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight can be difficult, but professional support makes all the difference. Dr. Judy Corbett and her team at Baldwin GYN & Aesthetics are dedicated to offering scientifically-backed medical weight loss plans that guide you throughout your journey to a healthy weight. With personalized programs and continuous support, you can reach your weight loss goals.  We believe in you and are here to keep you motivated!

For inquiries about our medical weight loss services, please contact us at 251-424-1100 or visit us online. Located in Foley, AL, we are just a short drive from Daphne, and we provide a comprehensive suite of services and treatments to support you on your weight-loss journey.