How to Get Less Wrinkles Without Needles

How to Get Less Wrinkles Without Needles or a Surgical Facelift

Aging is a part of life. Over time, facial expressions leave deep wrinkles while facial muscle tone decreases as it becomes stretched and weak. This leads to the face losing fullness, the neck becoming lax and the jawline starting to square. As time continues on, the entire face starts to sag and aging becomes very noticeable.

There are things that can be done to stop or even reverse the signs of aging. People can get facelifts, fillers and other medical procedures to make them look youthful again. However, some people are wary of going under the knife or having injections, so they opt out of any procedure.

Finally, there’s a revolutionary way to reduce aging, look younger and avoid a surgical facelift… it’s called EMFACE! 

What is EMFACE?

EMFACE is the newest aesthetic, laser device that performs a needle-free and surgery-free facelift. It simultaneously treats both the facial muscles and skin in four, 20-minute sessions without downtime, needles or pain.

Aesthetic experts across the nation are blown away by the results.

How Does EMFACE work?

By stimulating 4 muscles that pull tissues up, EMFACE will:

  • Lift the jaw and tighten through the jawline to improve the appearance of the neck
  • Improve areas around the mouth
  • Lift the forehead
  • Improve areas around the eye and brow like an actual brow lift

EMFACE is able to get the above results by combining High Intensity Focal Electro Stimulation (HIFES) and Synchronized Radio Frequency (RF). Synchronized RF energy tightens skin, promotes collagen while improving tone, texture and quality of the skin. HIFES stimulates the facial musculature.

When combining both HIFES and Synchronized RF, patients see a 30% lift, 30% reduction in wrinkles and a tremendous glowing look. Basically, the results equivalent to a facelift.

What Can You Expect During and After Treatment?

An EMFACE treatment feels like a facial muscle massage with a warming sensation in the treated area. There is very little in the way of sensation except a tingly feeling. The face may twitch a bit and feel warm. Patients may see a little pinkness or redness in the treated areas, but it fades away within a few hours. This type of procedure allows patients to lay down and relax throughout the session.

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