How to Get Glowing Skin for the Big Wedding Day

How to Get Glowing Skin for the Big Wedding Day
Guess what season is right around the corner? Wedding season! Here on the Gulf Coast, we celebrate weddings all year round thanks to the amazing weather. 
Many brides and members of their bridal party ask us… “what should I do to prepare my skin for the big day?” Here’s what we recommend…

For the bride…

As a bride, all eyes are on you. That’s why it’s important that your skin glows as you walk down the aisle. You really need to deep cleanse and exfoliate the facial skin to promote a healthy and bright glow on the day of your big event. 
We recommend:
  • 2 derma-peels with the first 2 to 3 months before the big day
  • A luxurious facial and mask to really enhance the appearance of the skin
  • 20 units of Botox to make sure those fine lines and wrinkles stay hidden 

For the Mother of the Bride/Groom…

Not only is this a big day for your child, but it’s also a big day for you, Mom! Whether your role in the wedding is big or small, you want to look your best.
We recommend getting started 4-6 months before the wedding with:
  • 3 Potenza treatments with radio frequency (RF) microneedling to provide skin tightening, stimulation of collagen and reduction of wrinkles
  • A stem cell exosome treatment after the Potenza procedures
  • A luxurious facial a couple of weeks prior to the wedding
  • 3o units of Botox

For the Bridal Party

The bridal party plays an important part in the wedding festivities. From pictures to the party, look fabulous all day long. 
We recommend:
  • A luxurious facial two weeks prior to the wedding day
  • 20 units of Botox
Additional botox can be purchased. 

How Can Baldwin GYN & Aesthetics Help You Get Wedding Ready?

We are happy to announce our NEW bridal aesthetic packages. These packages include everything the bride and bridal party need to glow on the big day.

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