How to Fight Obesity and Meet Your Weight Loss Goal

Today, obesity affects 2 out of 3 adults and 1 out of 6 children. It’s linked to over 60 different medical conditions from heart disease to diabetes and even certain cancers.  Obesity costs billions of dollars in healthcare related costs and lost wages. For millions in our country, their quality of life is negatively affected by their condition. 
It is never too late to seek treatment for obesity! Dr. Corbett and her staff at Baldwin GYN & Aesthetics are committed to helping patients fight obesity and reach a healthy goal weight.

How can Baldwin GYN & Aesthetics help you reach your weight loss goal?

The Center for Medical Weight Loss at Baldwin GYN & Aesthetics is a comprehensive program for weight loss customized for each patient. To begin, the patient will meet with Dr. Corbett and her team for a composition analysis. Then, a plan is created that may include:
  • A web-based module
  • Lipotropic injections (both B-Lipo and Mega-Lipo injections are available)
  • Prescription medication
  • Meal replacements
  • Doctor-supervised food plans
  • Lifestyle and motivational coaching
  • And so much more!


Unlike commercial weight loss programs, medical weight loss focuses on more than just diet and exercise. It requires a medical doctor like Dr. Corbett to analyze the unique health profile of each patient and determine how to overcome those specific weight loss challenges to achieve success. Dr. Corbett studies your medical history, hormonal imbalances, prescriptions, metabolic rate and various other medical factors to create a weight loss program specifically for every patient. 

Physicians at the Center for Medical Weight Loss have received the most comprehensive, in-depth medical weight loss training available. This means patients get a highly-skilled, supportive and caring medical expert who helps them lose those initial pounds quickly and safely. 

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This successful program has resulted in hundreds of pounds shed by staff and clients alike! We would love to schedule a consultation visit for you.  To request an appointment, just call 251-424-1100 or fill out the form below.


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