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Hair Loss Treatment in Gulf Shores, AL

Baldwin GYN & Aesthetics offers hair loss treatment in Gulf Shores, Alabama.  Hair thinning effects nearly all men and women, at some point in their lives.  If you’re looking for a drug-free, non-invasive solution to thinning hair or balding, we can help!  

Hair loss can be a complicated problem, caused by a number of factors.  Most treatments don’t take all those issues into consideration, or they simply aren’t sustainable.  Our non-surgical hair recovery methods are designed to address hair loss without the unpleasant side-effects of drugs and the expense and other undesirable aspects of invasive procedures.  Keep reading to learn about the non-surgical hair loss treatment options available right here on the Alabama Gulf Coast!

Hair Thinning Treatment in Gulf Shores, Alabama

Baldwin GYN & Aesthetics is South Baldwin County’s convenient source for HairSmart’s innovative hair rejuvenation system.  HairSmart offers three lines of supplements and topical treatments to assist you in your non-surgical hair recovery.  

HairSmart - Repair

This powerful, comprehensive hair food complex comes in two delivery methods– a natural vitamin supplement and a moisturizing oil that is applied topically.

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HairSmart - Protect

The Protect line of products are uniquely formulated to provide your hair and scalp with the essential nutrients necessary for boosting their health.  

HairSmart - Grow

HairSmart’s Grow product is an intensive serum designed to rejuvenate hair and strengthen roots.  With amino acids, keratin, and therapeutic natural extracts– including ginger and Indian lilac– it re-energizes hair follicles and encourages hair growth.

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Laser Hair Therapy in Gulf Shores, AL

Baldwin GYN & Aesthetics also offers a simple, non-surgical, “walk in, walk out” laser treatment for hair loss or balding.  The GrowthX Laser Frequency Hat is an easy, painless treatment for thinning hair that prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth.  The laser diodes in this revolutionary cap stimulate hair follicles and fight hair miniaturization, allowing your hair to grow back thicker, fuller, and healthier than before!  

  • Convenient
    • treatment sessions of only 7 minutes
  • Safe
    • Natural and drug-free
  • Effective
    • repairs, revitalizes & strengthens hair
    • up to 51% new hair count in 17 weeks
    • visibly improves hair mass index
    • reduces hair fall and shedding
    • prevents further hair loss

Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatment in Gulf Shores

The team at Baldwin GYN & Aesthetics know that hair loss and thinning hair can be damaging to your self-confidence and have a negative impact on your life.  We want to help you look and feel your best!  If you have any questions or would like to discuss hair rejuvenation treatment options, please give us a call or request an appointment.  We look forward to seeing you!