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Botox in Fairhope, AL

Are you considering Botox injections in or near Fairhope, Alabama?  Baldwin GYN & Aesthetics offers Botox and filler injections, just a short drive from the Baldwin County Eastern Shore!  If you’re seeking a quick, non-surgical way to improve your appearance, Botox or filler may be the answer.  A simple injection can give you a more youthful look– and it lasts for months!

Botox & Dermal Filler on the Baldwin County Eastern Shore

Botox or Filler?

Filler and Botox are two very different products.  They each have their uses, but they are not interchangeable.  Dr. Judy Cobett and the staff at Baldwin GYN & Aesthetics can help you determine which type of injection will achieve the results you desire.  Continue reading to learn the basic differences between Botox and fillers.

Botox - Latisse - Filler

When to Use Botox

We typically use Botox to treat dynamic wrinkles.  These are the wrinkles that form naturally as a result of years of facial muscle movements.  They tend to develop around the eyes and mouth (crow’s feet and frown lines / smile lines).  Other types of dynamic wrinkles include forehead lines and the vertical lines frequently found between the eyebrows (sometimes called “angry 11s”).  Botox is most often used to treat wrinkles in areas of the face above the nose line.


As we age, these dynamic facial wrinkles become more pronounced.  Botox injections work by relaxing the muscles around these wrinkles.  Once the muscles are relaxed, they no longer move, reducing the visibility of the dynamic wrinkles.  Less noticeable wrinkles give you a more youthful appearance, helping you look more refreshed and well-rested.  

Botox injections generally require about 7-10 days to take full effect.  The results aren’t instantaneous, but on the other hand, Botox is very quick to administer, and the results last a long time.  Most people need another Botox injection after 3 to 5 months.  However, with repeated Botox treatments you may find that your results last even longer, as the targeted facial muscles begin to atrophy.  

When to Use Dermal Filler

While Botox is used for dynamic wrinkles (that is, wrinkles caused by muscle movements), dermal fillers are used to address fine lines caused by collagen breakdown.  Collagen naturally begins to diminish as we age, resulting in a less youthful appearance, including fine lines and decreased volume in our lips and cheeks.  Dermal fillers are most often used in areas of our face that fall at or below the nose line.  You may have heard dermal fillers referred to as “wrinkle fillers”, but while they are excellent for improving the appearance of fine wrinkles, the truth is that they can do much more!  

Dermal fillers can also do all of the following:


Juvederm is a hyaluronic acid filler that we use to smooth wrinkles or lines and improve the shape and fullness of the lips.  Juvederm injections are a quick, non-surgical way to give your face a more youthful, balanced appearance.  Most people find that the effects of a Juvederm injection last for up to one year.  

Botox Injections in the Fairhope, AL, Area

The team at Baldwin GYN & Aesthetics want to help you put your best face forward.  Feeling great in your own skin can make such a difference in every other aspect of your life!  If you’re feeling in need of a little boost, Botox or Juvederm might be the answer.  We also offer a wide variety of other aesthetic treatments for men and women in the Fairhope area.  We’re only a short drive away, in centrally-located Foley, AL!  If you have questions or would like to discuss any of the treatments we offer, we’d love to hear from you.  Give us a call!