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G-O Spot Shot

G-O Spot Shot

Do you have low sex drive or find that orgasm is absent or difficult to experience?

Many women experience a decline in sexual response due to changes in the vaginal health from child-bearing, chronic inflammation, menopause, and aging. Often women struggle with orgasm due to these changes or due to lack of stimulation during vaginal intercourse. G-O SPOT SHOT is an injection of micronized amnion ( harvested stem cells) that is injected into the clitoris and anterior vaginal wall better known as the O- spot and the G-spot. Micronized amnion is shown to rejuvenate tissue, enhance neurovascular response, and optimize orgasmic and sexual pleasure. .

G-O SPOT SHOT is a quick in-office procedure that is safe and effective to enhance sensitivity and orgasmic function. It takes only a few minutes, is painless, and there is no prolonged recovery. You can resume all normal activities, including sexual, that same day.

Individual results may vary and most women see improvement within 10-14 days. The treatment is temporary usually lasting an average of 4-6 months.

G-0 SPOT SHOTS are not covered by insurance. For consultation and more information call today 251-424-1106.