Is Intimacy Lost?


Is intimacy a thing of the past?  Is vaginal dryness and pain causing you to avoid sexual activity?   Do jeans or tight clothing cause too much irritation to wear them?  Good news-  there is now a non-invasive non-hormonal treatment option that requires no anesthesia, no downtime, and and provides a greater than 95% satisfaction among [...]

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When Exercise Isn’t Enough


Even with diet and exercise, most people have stubborn pockets of fat that seem impossible to lose. SculpSure’s body contouring technology is able to target and can destroy the targeted fat cells safely in just 25 minutes without affecting the skin’s surface. There is no recovery time following treatment, so you can resume your daily [...]

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Non-hormonal Treatment For Vaginal Atrophy


Millions of women suffer with vaginal pain, dryness, irritation, bladder issues, and loss of intimacy due to the atrophic effects of menopause, aging, and child-bearing. While hormone replacement improves hot flashes, night sweats, mood changes- often the vaginal thinning and loss of lubrication continues. Women who are not candidates for hormones especially struggle with these [...]

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Red Light LED And Blue Light LED Therapy


Red Light LED therapy and Blue Light LED therapy are safe, non-invasive treatments for aging, blemished, sagging, uneven tone, and acne /skin irritations.  The Academy of Dermatology has issued statements regarding both modalities an their effectiveness. The Benefits of Red Light Therapy for Skin Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles Reduces crow’s feet Speeds up the [...]

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Who Benefits From Mona Lisa Touch?


Women experience genitourinary changes at different ages and from different causes. The most common reasons for dryness, pain, irritation, lack of intimacy or urine leakage are due to the estrogenic decline during menopause, post-surgical, or after chemotherapy/medications. Many women after child-bearing have increased pelvic relaxation, pain, pressure, and urine leakage. Mona Lisa Touch has been [...]

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Are Pap Smears Important?


Cervical cancer rates have decreased in the United States over the last several decades however over 12,000 women are diagnosed yearly and tragically 4,000 women actually die from cervical disease.  The majority of those women diagnosed with Cervical Cancer are under the age of 35!!  The pap smear is a simple painless test that takes [...]

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Sculpsure Is Now Available At Baldwin OBGYN


SculpSure involves a hands-free heat laser belt that uses specific wavelengths and heat to eliminate fat cells. In 2015, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared SculpSure for its use in noninvasive lipolysis in the following areas: upper abdominal area lower abdominal area flanks People who are best suited for SculpSure have a body mass index [...]

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Nail Care Is Key To Nail Health


SALON APPOINTMENTS NOW AVAILABLE  SUITE 105 Call to schedule your manicure or pedicure 251 424-1665. Salon hours are Mon- Fri 9 AM - 6 PM. Sat Appts Only Check our face book page for Monthly specials and events Pricing listed below NAILS SCULPTURED $45 TIPS $35 DIPPING SYSTEM $45 FILL-INS $25 MANICURES SPA MANICURE $27 [...]

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