Women experience genitourinary changes at different ages and from different causes. The most common reasons for dryness, pain, irritation, lack of intimacy or urine leakage are due to the estrogenic decline during menopause, post-surgical, or after chemotherapy/medications. Many women after child-bearing have increased pelvic relaxation, pain, pressure, and urine leakage. Mona Lisa Touch has been shown to provide significant improvement in mild-moderate pelvic floor dysfunction. Others have recurrent discharge, odor, irritation, itching despite rounds and rounds of antibiotics, probiotics, and creams. This laser therapy restores pH balance, tissue quality, and has been life-changing. Whether you are 30 or 80 there are many advantages to Mona Lisa Touch. Join us May 1st 5:00 PM for our Celebration Event and learn how this laser can benefit you. RSVP 251-424-1100 Seating is limited. Those attending will enter drawing for FREE TREATMENT.  Or call and schedule a FREE consultation for a one-on- one discussion with Dr Corbett.