Is intimacy a thing of the past?  Is vaginal dryness and pain causing you to avoid sexual activity?   Do jeans or tight clothing cause too much irritation to wear them?  Good news-  there is now a non-invasive non-hormonal treatment option that requires no anesthesia, no downtime, and and provides a greater than 95% satisfaction among women and their partners.  MonaLisa Touch is a laser treatment of the vagina and vulva that restores tissue, improves  elasticity, and enhances sexual satisfaction.   The laser produces collagen, elastin, and increased blood supply.  Millions of women suffer from the thinning, drying, and pain related to aging, menopause, and childbearing.  As many as 2 of 5 women in menopause have vaginal dryness, bladder issues/leakage, chronic vaginal infections, painful intercourse, itching, and a sense of helplessness.

MonaLisa Touch is a 5 minute office treatment that provides results in just days and can improve quality of life for so many. Thousands of women have en treated since 2012 with no major complications.  While insurance does not cover MonaLisa Touch there is financing through Lending USA and Carecredit.  Call for a free consultation 251-424-1105 or request appointment on our website